Helpful Websites


  • BRAINPOP -This website contains numerous videos and activities for all subject areas. Some videos require a password to view while others are free

  • Mr. Nussbaum -An excellent website for all subject areas. Contains numerous games, worksheets, and activities for all grade levels.

  • Sheppards's Software - A great website containing games in all subject areas. I generally use this in school in the areas of Language

  • Arts, Math, and Social Studies.

Social Study

  • Quizlet- This website should be used to practice and study the vocabulary for every Social Studies test. On the main page search for my lists using the name mrshend4

Language Arts

  • Language Arts 3-6-A wide variety of games in all areas of Language Arts including Spelling, Reading, Writing, and Grammar

  • Quizlet- Use this website to review and study WOW words and Word study words

  • Reading Rewards

  • Spell City-Students should use this website to practice WOW words and word study words.

  • Toon University -A great website to practice comprehension and grammar


  • Johnnie's Math Page -This website has many games to help students practice the concepts presented in Math throughout the year.

  • Think Central - Go Math!

    This website is used in conjunction with our Math text. Students can see their Math book and workbook online as well as complete practice activities for every lesson taught in class.



Weekly Specials

Monday - Science

Tuesday - Science, Chorus and Physical Education 

Wednesday - Spanish, Multi-Media and Science

Thursday - Music

Friday - Art and Physical Education